Leadership matters – how to make a more positive impact

Leading leadership development for ethical excellence

As New Zealand’s foremost ethical investment adviser, described as the ‘father of ethical investing in New Zealand’, Dr Spiller has long recognised that the best companies to invest in are those that provide truly transformational leadership training and development. He has researched this training globally and offered it through workshops, coaching and keynotes for over three decades. For companies seeking ethical excellence, Rodger is without peer globally in his unique ability to integrate ethical investment expectations with leadership development.

Ethical investors recognise that achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is crucial for our collective global future.  Yet, despite the clear vision and the high stakes, results are disappointing.  Companies are not lifting their game enough to make enough of a difference.  Why?  Because companies can only transform as much as their people do and according to Harvard Professor Robert Kegan (who Rodger has extensively studied with)  ‘existing leadership development places insufficient emphasis on development’.

In response to this need, the creation of the Inner Development Goals (IDGs), now provides an essential framework of the transformative skills required to reach the SDGs.  The IDGs framework represents skills and qualities which are crucial for all of us.  The IDGs are described as the greatest possible accelerator to reach the SDGs and create a prosperous future for all humanity.

Be an Ethical Leader, Not a Laggard

Any business genuinely committed to being an ethical leader – to making more money and more positive impact, needs to articulate this aspiration, ideally through a statement of purpose and principles in their Code of Ethics, and provide the type of training and development that enables this. Doing so meets the requirements of stakeholders including regulators –  as per the NZX Corporate Governance Code 1 April 2023, investors – as per the ethical and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) researchers that ask about how ‘human capital is being developed’  and employees – who want opportunities to develop their full potential. Failing to publish a leading Code of Ethics and invest in the necessary training consigns the business to the ranks of ethical laggards with the associated increased risks and reduced returns.

The IDGs approach and framework of skills and qualities is now being used by international businesses as part of their human resource development as they seek to fulfil their potential to be ethical leaders. And increasingly, ethical investment researchers considering the practice of “developing human capital” are asking: to what extent this is being done with reference to the IDGs?

In a new guide, ‘Exploring the Inner Development Goals’ Rodger has related to the IDGs the leadership development he encourages and offers. The processes described in this guide can be very beneficial for enriching any business and individual’s capacity to be an ethical investment leader. Contact us for a copy of the guide and a conversation about next steps.

Why choose us?

Unparalleled Qualifications Rodger has completed a PhD in ethical leadership, business and investment, Master of Commerce (First Class Honours), Bachelor of Commerce (Senior Prize) and other university papers in training and development. He has also completed a wide range of highly regarded multi-year leadership development certifications, from qualifying as an ‘Overturning Immunity to Change’ coach with Harvard’s Kegan and Lahey, to becoming a facilitator with the ‘Center for Courage and Renewal’ based on the work of Parker Palmer.

Unique Experience & Depth With a passion for personal and professional development that has led him to participate in transformational workshops since the 1970’s, Rodger has been developing leaders since 1984 and been a leader in the investment and business field since 1988. He also continues as a participant in the most advanced, transformational training.

World Leading Research and Insights Rodger’s research is published internationally and continues to be widely referenced. With a tremendous passion for knowledge along with the growth and development of himself and others, Rodger is raising the leadership development bar, instrumental in bringing new ideas, content and methods. He is pioneering a whole new way to have a positive impact, and make your leadership matter. Rodger is supported by the extensive leadership development experience, research and writing of Professor Chellie Spiller – whose work is profiled at www.chelliespiller.com.